Raspberry Preserve

The jar that preserves memories

In Nashville Mason jars are like, THE Thing! Everybody puts everything in them so I put a Raspberry Pi running BitTorrent Sync in one and have it store a copy of our family photos in it? Here's a little writeup I did and here's an article about it on TechCrunch, Hackaday, and Make Magazine which pretty much made my life.

Bingle Jells

Keyboard made of Jello

This is what happens the week before Christmas when you have some eggnog, jello, and 2 hours to kill at the office. We called it Bingle Jells and it made the Laughing Squid laugh.


Slackbot IRL

Slackbot holds a special place in our hearts at redpepper. So we built him a body out of a Roomba, Tornado Siren, and Raspberry Pi. We accomplished our mission very succesfully I believe; at least TechCrunch, Laughing Squid, and SlashGear think so :/


Crowdsourced Light Show powered by Red Bull

The Boomilluminator can only be turned on by inserting a can of Red Bull. Once on, audio is captured via microphone and then processed by the Arduino. Complementary light sequences are instantly pushed out to the 144 RGB LED can lights by the Turbull Encabulator. At the same time the onboard Node.js server pushes the corresponding light sequence to all the connected phones and extends the light show into the audience.

Tweet Street

Christmas on the Twitter Firehose

What do you get when you take realtime Christmas Tweets and mix in a timeless Thomas Kincade painting? If you said Christmas on Tweet Street Live! you would be correct. Node.js, Angular JS, and the Twitter Streaming API bring classic holiday characters to life. Business Insider did a pretty neat article on it.

Blow Up Traffic

Rush Hour Reloaded

Who doesn't hate traffic amirite?! Well, I do too so I made an app called Blow Up Traffic™ that lets drivers blow up other drivers while they're driving. Hey checkit! Here it is on the BBC, Creativity Online, Design Taxi, iFive, The Tennessean, and psfk


Check-in with your face

Watch the video that triggered an inquiry from the FTC and a C&D from Facebook. Built on Raspberry Pi, OpenCV, Python, Django, and MySQL this is the most technically advanced thing I've ever done in my life. As covered by CNN, 60 Minutes, LA Times, Wired, Digital Arts, NBC NY and NBC, Greta Van Susteren, France, PC World, Computerworld, Gizmodo, AllFacebook, Techcrunch, and Huffington Post.


The Pinterest of Beer

All I ever pinned to Pinterest was beer so I just made the Pinterest of Beer for myself. It's custom built from the ground up on CodeIgniter. The lead designer at Twitter tweeted about it one day which was a pretty great day. Thirsty yet? Head to the mine!


Coffee warmer web app for your iPad

A web app that overclocks the NEW iPad to provide heat for your coffee. Try it out here. This one made the front page of Mashable as well as Techcrunch, Business Insider, BizReport, and LA Weekly


Using Siri to pour you a beer

We smashed up Siri with the Twitter API and tied it to an RC truck containing an Arduino and Dale's Pale Ale. This is what happened. Also, behind the scenes. Beeri was our first time on Mashable and was also covered by Devour, Engadget, CNET, GeekBeat, VentureBeat, Creative Review, and CTV.


A QR code made out of Oroes

What happens when you make a QR code out of Oreos? That's right, you eat it. Covered by Laughing Squid, Engadget, and my FAVORITE RTM.


A thumb that blinks for likes

A custom lego set shaped as a Facebook like button. Watch the build video. First, I created a custom Lego set that looked like a Facebook Like thumb. Then, I configured an Arduino with some LEDs and connected it to Lil' Wayne's Facebook page through the Facebook Graph API. Here are few places that wrote about it Techcrunch, PCworld, AllFacebook, Engadget, Sparkfun, Wonderhowto, and TechHive.


Real-time campaign performance app for iPad

An iPad app for C-Level guys and gals to gauge campaign success metrics. Built as a native iPad app it connects to a custom API server built on PHP & MySQL. This is still in private dev but works pretty slick so just believe it.


Robotic Bowling Arm

AAF Nashville decided to have a bowling tournament. To provide an edge to the redpepper team I built a high-tech state-of-the-art robotic arm using the latest in electronics and hydraulics. While the arm did not help our overall score, redpepper won "The Team that Brought It" bowling pin award. The Night in pics.


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Would you like to know more about Matt? Well, as a baby Matt was born in West Virginia. Shortly after, he was transported to Knoxville, TN where he grew up listening to Def Leppard and Eazy-E, longing to be a fighter pilot. He once told his 2nd grade teacher he found a new way to do subtraction. She said, "No, you can’t do it that way" so he walked out of class never to return. From that point forward Matt questioned everything. He knew he loved his NES and rolled deep on a GEOS powered 286 and later a 386 blazin' hazin the WWWs via the Prodigy.

Around the time of the N64 he found himself deep in the UT AA building where he found his way in Graphic Design in between destroying all comers in GoldenEye. After graduating he moved to Nashville, married his beautiful wife, and had the privilege of helping build a web design company from the spare bedroom of an apartment into a 12 person super-crew powerhouse. He now resides as a professional Interwired Wizard exploring the human potential of technology at redpepper.

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